Microsoft Teams on Web gets new features for small businesses

Kevin Okemwa

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Microsoft Teams has been on the receiving end when it comes to updates and nifty features that are geared toward enhancing the user experience.

Through a blog post, Microsoft announced that it is adding new features to Microsoft Teams on Web that will help small businesses thrive. For instance, users now get custom backgrounds where they can either choose to use the blur effect which prevents the meeting participants from accessing sensitive information that you may not want to share, or use Microsoft’s provided backgrounds during your video meeting or call. This way the video calls are “more fun and personal”.

Another notable feature is that users can now view captions coming from a CART provider rather than the previous arrangement where one had to depend on a secondary window. Thanks to this new feature, you can now follow through with the meeting without missing out on anything. You can enable this feature from your meeting options.

According to the blog post, “We have expanded to 27 new spoken languages, including German, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, and Hindi, to name a few. This provides flexibility and additional clarity for your participants to engage in meetings”.

Live transcription has also made its way to the application, which is in place to help the user “to follow and review conversations alongside the meeting video or audio in real-time”. This way, those with a hearing impairment or different levels of language proficiency are able to take part and contribute throughout the meeting.

Also, in the event that you get to join the meeting a bit late. You can get to catch up with what you missed by going through the transcript. “Tenant admins have to turn on the Allow transcription policy to enable this feature”. You can get to learn more about these features here.