Microsoft Teams now lets Mac users share system audio with Meetings participants

Rabia Noureen

The desktop version of Microsoft Teams is getting a new feature that will enable Mac users to share system audio with other meeting participants. So far, this capability has been limited to the Windows client, but that’s starting to change. The company has announced that the update has started rolling out globally to Mac users (via Windows Central).

The ability to share system audio is a highly requested feature for Mac devices, and it allows other people to hear the sound of a video or audio clip playing on the presenter’s screen. This functionality could be really helpful for business and education customers who want to share YouTube videos and other content during remote brainstorming sessions.

It is important to note that this feature requires a one-time installation of an audio driver on Mac devices. The prompt will appear when a user selects the “Include computer sound” option available in the Share content tray in a Teams meeting. The installation will take around 10 seconds to complete, and users will see a notification at the top of their meeting controls.

There is also an option to share system audio after the user has begun sharing their screen. To do this, users will need to navigate to the top of the meeting window and click the “Include computer sound” icon in the sharing controls (as shown below).

Button to turn sound sharing on and off

Keep in mind that the feature is gradually rolling out to production and GCC tenants, and it is expected to be generally available by the end of this month. In the meantime, early adopters can still get their hands on it by switching to the Microsoft Teams public preview program.