Microsoft Teams now has 20 million daily active users

Laurent Giret

Microsoft announced this morning that Microsoft Teams has now reached 20 million daily active users, up 7 million users since July. This represents 53.3% increase in just four months, confirming what the software giant previously said about Teams being the fastest growing new Office 365 app.

“Teams brings together chat, meetings, calling, document collaboration, and workflow into a single app—and this unique combination is catching fire,” said Jared Spataro, CFP for Microsoft 365 today. “In fact, today Teams has more than 20 million daily active users. What’s more, while these users start with simple text-based chat, they quickly move on to richer forms of communication and collaboration. For instance, last month Teams customers participated in more than 27 million voice or video meetings and performed over 220 million open, edit, or download actions on files stored in Teams.”

Back in March, Microsoft also announced that Teams was now being used by more than 500,000 organizations worldwide, including 91 Fortune 500 companies. The app continues to stay ahead of its main competitor Slack, which reported 12 million daily active users just last month. As noted by CNBC this morning, Slack is also down 5% following the announcement of this new Teams milestone.