Microsoft Teams meetings will let organizers spotlight more participants next month

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Microsoft Teams is getting several new features that will make presentations more engaging and inclusive for users (via Dr. Windows). According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, these improvements are currently under development but will begin rolling out to customers by the end of next month.

Last Fall, Microsoft released a new Spotlight feature that allows meeting hosts to pin the video feed of a specific person for everyone to see during a meeting. Now, the company is planning to expand its functionality by introducing the ability to pin the video feeds of up to seven participants on the screen simultaneously. This change should enable employees and students to deliver presentations more effectively.

Next up is a new PowerPoint integration, which builds on top of the recently launched PowerPoint Live tool in Microsoft Teams. This integration will let users present their content directly from PowerPoint on the web to a virtual meeting. This capability aims to reduce security issues associated with screen-sharing by giving presenters more control over how content is shared with others.

Finally, Microsoft Teams is adding an option to translate PowerPoint Live presentations. This will allow participants to “privately” translate the contents of a slideshow to a native language. The built-in translation will method will generate machine translation of the content within the app that should be suitable for personal reading. This feature will start rolling out later this month, though the roadmap is subject to change.

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