Microsoft Teams is now available on all major platforms, Windows 10, Android, and iOS

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Microsoft introduced its Slack and HipChat team communication and collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams, today. The new tool looks to dramatically improve the ability for those using Microsoft productivity solutions to keep in touch and work collaboratively in real time on projects and other organizational functions.

Microsoft has now made apps available on every major platform, and we just wanted to provide a single place to grab Microsoft Teams for your platform(s) of choice. Just click on the links below and install the app, then let us know in the comments how it's treating you. Note that you can get Microsoft Teams for iOS via iTunes (the iTunes app has to be installed to use this link), but we haven't yet come across a link that we can populate in our typical app boxes.

Microsoft Windows 7+ desktop 32-bit and 64-bit

MacOS 10.10+

Microsoft teams
Microsoft teams
Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Code needed


Microsoft teams
Microsoft teams
Price: Free

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