Microsoft Teams introduces T-Bot and Who-Bot

Kit McDonald

During the Microsoft Office event in New York City today, we got to see the new Microsoft Teams tool for Office 365. During the presentation, the speaker showed off a few new chat bots that will make collaborating with your teams smoother: T-Bot and Who-Bot.

T-Bot is the embedded assistant that teaches you how to use Microsoft Teams. The presentation included a demo of asking “How do I make a new channel?” It brought a card up that offered a Help topic.

Who-Bot is a quick reference to team members that you need. Typing in “Who knows about ticket sales” will not only result in members that mention the topic often but will also offer insight on how to contact them via phone, message, email, or more.

These bots work similarly to how Skype Bots operate and users can switch between a chat view, browser view, and so on depending on how they wish to process the information.

It seems these two bots will be releasing with the Microsoft Team for Office 365 which is available today. The event is still underway, so you can catch it live on WinBeta/OnMSFT.