Microsoft Teams gets a new Starbucks app and holiday custom backgrounds, new Outlook integrations

Rabia Noureen

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Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

Microsoft has teamed up with Starbucks Technology to release a new Starbucks app and custom backgrounds for Microsoft Teams. The Starbucks app, which is currently available in the US, allows users to show appreciation to their colleagues by sending Starbucks eGift directly within a Microsoft Teams chat.

To get started with using it, you’ll need to download the Starbucks app to Microsoft Teams. Next, you need to create a new Starbucks Rewards account or sign in to your existing account. Once you do that, head to the New Conversation section of Microsoft Teams chat/channel and click the “Starbucks Icon. Finally, choose a card design and gift amount ($5 – $100) and write a personalized message for your colleagues.

To go along with the release of the new Starbucks app, the company has released a handful of new Starbucks themed custom backgrounds for Microsoft Teams. With these virtual backgrounds, users can now hang out with their colleagues/friends this holiday season. The list of backgrounds includes the popular Starbucks holiday cups and a bunch of exotic scenes such as a snowy Starbucks store setting, an Ocean view, and more. (Don’t forget to check out our dedicated Teams backgrounds hub for more options!)

In other news, Microsoft is currently working on two new features for Teams (via Neowin). First of all, Microsoft Teams is getting a calendar option that will allow users to create a shared calendar for all channel participants. The built-in calendar will automatically create a post in Teams as soon as a user creates a new channel meeting.

Another important update coming to Microsoft Teams is the ability to share Outlook emails in Microsoft Teams. With this feature, users will be able to send a copy of their conversations or email messages directly within Teams chats and channels. The Microsoft 365 Roadmap indicates that both these features are expected to go live in March 2021, but we will keep an eye on the release notes to let you know as soon as the rollout begins.