Microsoft Teams for Education launches August 2023 Updates

Devesh Beri

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Microsoft announced the latest updates to Teams for Education, designed to improve the teaching and learning experience. Here’s a quick overview of the new features:

1. Classwork in Microsoft Teams for Education

    • Modules for organizing content by topic or week.
    • Draft state for module creation and content sharing.
    • Pinning modules for easy student access.
    • The planned future addition of content reuse.

2. Learning Accelerators – Search Progress

    • Promoting information literacy skills.
    • Introduced Search Coach and Search Progress.
    • Research project assignments with Search Progress.
    • In-depth evaluation and metrics for assignments.

3. Learning Accelerators – Reading Progress updates:

    • Enhancements to Reading Progress app.
    • Added comprehension questions for assessment.
    • Reading with Expression update for prosody assessment.

4. Assignments and Grades Updates:

    • New launch experience for learning accelerators.
    • Support for various grading schemes in Assignments.
    • Quick Actions for Assignment list management.
    • Multi-Publish support for Assignments.
    • Timed Quiz configuration within Assignments.

5. Updates in Reflect:

    • New check-in creation with customizable questions.
    • Together View as the default view for insights.
    • Improved management options for check-ins.

6. Grid Layout for Teams on Mobile:

    • Improved grid layout for mobile devices.
    • New navigation and access to EDU apps.

7. Announcements in Teams’ Parent App:

    • Bulk announcements to parents through Parent App.

8. New Toolbar UI in Whiteboard:

    • Revamped Whiteboard canvas with key tools.
    • The toolbar is repositioned at the bottom for usability.

9. SharePoint Calendar Webpart in Viva Connections:

    • Teams Calendar added as Webpart in Viva Connections.
    • Focused view of user’s schedule with collab actions.
    • Personal and group calendar contexts for meetings.

With these updates, Microsoft seems to be committed to enhancing the educational journey for educators and students; hopefully, it will empower them with tools for effective learning.