Microsoft teams up with Discovery Channel’s MythBusters in new Outlook.com ad (video)

Outlook.com MythBusters

Microsoft has released a new video advertisement highlighting the 10th season premier of Discovery Channel’s MythBusters, a popular TV show that attempts to debunk myths. The video advertisement showcases three of the show’s team using Outlook.com to reminisce.

“To celebrate the MythBusters’ 10th season premiering May 1, check out the build team (Kari, Tory and Grant) reminiscing about their experiences on the show through photos and videos shared with Outlook.com,” the video description reads.

MythBusters is one of the oldest TV show on the Discovery Channel that explores myths and tests out experiments to prove or debunk theories. The TV series is set for its 10th season, beginning with its premiere on May 1st.

In the video, we see the three team members reminiscing about their past experiemnets and having a great time while using Outlook.com to communite with each other. This is yet another video advertisement from the software giant highlighting how great Outlook.com is, when you use it. Hit play below to check it out.

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