Microsoft Teams lets users sign documents during meetings with proof of concept

Kevin Okemwa

raise your hand in Microsoft Teams

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, a lot of organizations took up remote work in an attempt to mitigate the further spread of the virus. This in turn led them to heavily depend on communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams which would assist them to ensure that the communication flow within the organization is seamless and that the business continues to run efficiently at the very least.

While Microsoft Teams has been receiving an array of features and updates to ensure that organizations are able to run their businesses effectively, there was still an important feature that had not been availed yet. The ability to sign documents in real-time during Teams meetings.

Microsoft announced that it has now rolled out this feature in desktop client, terming it as a ” common ask”. “Teams Store has many integrations with e-signature providers and by offering them a ready to implement solution so their customers can sign documents during meeting was a common ask,” says Microsoft.

With the proof of concept developed by Teams Ecosystem Engineering, you can select the document you want to sign and add it to the Teams meeting for the relevant parties to add their signatures. However, based on the role you play during the Teams meeting, you will be able to view or sign the document. What’s more, Microsoft highlights the signing process will be smooth because they are making use of Teams SSO.

Here’s a glimpse of how the feature works.

And finally, the code can be customized accordingly which allows ISVs to choose the kind of signature that they require the other party to append. The same goes for the POC, especially when it comes to certain instances like code reviews or when accepting changes made in documents.

For now, this feature is available to users who work in the same organization. However, it will roll out for guest and anonymous users as per Microsoft. The feature is also set to roll out to both Mobile and web clients. You can check it out on GitHub.

Mobile and web clients are coming soon. In addition, this only works for users from the same organization or tenant with availability for guest and anonymous users coming soon. In other Teams related news, you can now schedule messages on Teams, collaborate in meetings using Excel Live, and view the entire chat thread in search results.