Microsoft Teams will finally let you customize where your files are downloaded

Arif Bacchus

Updated on:

Downloading a file on Microsoft Teams can be a pretty frustrating experience, as all the files are automatically saved to your downloads folder on Windows. There’s currently no way to change this, but Microsoft has heard the pains and is finally working on the ability to let you customize where downloaded files are saved (via Windows Central.)

The news comes by way of a listing in the Microsoft 365 roadmap with feature ID 94719. This listing specifically details in the title that Microsoft Teams is getting the ability to “choose preferred download file locations for files.” Microsoft further goes on to mention:

Teams will now enable users to select the default download location where they would like to have their files downloaded. This is applicable only on the desktop client. Teams on the web will continue to honor the setting in the browser.

Microsoft highlights that this feature is targeted for a May 2022 general availability for the Mac and Windows desktop client. But, seeing as though we’re now at the end of May, this might not actually come until June. That’s pretty typical, as roadmap listings are usually just ballpark estimates for when new features are released.

At any rate, you’ll soon be able to save your important Teams files anywhere you want and won’t have to worry about manually moving them out of your downloads folder. That could be on the desktop, documents, or wherever. Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below.