Microsoft Teams bumps the team membership limit from 999 to 2,500

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Microsoft Teams is set to become the core communication client in Office 365, and after rolling out Guest Access last month the company is now working hard to integrate all Skype for Business Online capabilities into the new cloud productivity app.

It will likely take some time before Microsoft Teams completely replaces Skype for Business in Office 365, but in the meantime Microsoft continues to listen to customer feedback to slowly iterate on the new product. Earlier this week, Microsoft’s Suphatra Rufo announced that the maximum number of team members in one team has been bumped from 999 to 2,500, a change that will likely be very welcome at big companies using Microsoft Teams (via MSPoweruser).

On the dedicated Uservoice website, the Program Manager added that this 2,500 members limit includes both guests and regular team members. Moreover, the channels per team limit is still 100 for now, which should be enough for most companies. Are you satisfied by this new team membership limit, or would you like it to be even higher? Let us know below.

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