Microsoft Teams to offer more granular controls for Breakout Rooms

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms

Microsoft is planning to overhaul the manual participant assignment experience for Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams. The company has announced in a message on the Microsoft 365 Admin center that this UI update will start rolling out globally to all desktop users in mid-July.

First of all, the Microsoft Teams desktop app is getting a new modal window for performing manual participant assignment tasks. The company is removing the participant assignment option available in the right panel of the Breakout Rooms. As a result, meeting organizers will now be able to access it in a dedicated window that will show up while selecting the “Assign Participants” option.

Breakout Room Assignment 2

In addition to this, the app is introducing some new capabilities aimed at helping organizers in sorting attendees and Breakout Rooms and assigning multiple people to these rooms. “The enhanced interface allows you to sort by participants or rooms. You can also select multiple participants and assign them to rooms by using the check boxes next to the participants’ names,” Microsoft shared.

Overall, these changes should speed up the manual participant assignment process which can be helpful in a classroom setting or a hybrid work environment. Microsoft is constantly improving the Breakout Rooms experience in Teams, and the app will soon provide an option to assign multiple organizers to meetings.