Microsoft Teams apps update on iOS and Android with new improved video and search features

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft’s Teams apps updated for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets today. The iOS update brings the app up to Version 2.0.19 and increases support for the number of videos in calls and also adds an option to decrease data usage during such calls.

The Android app update adds new search functionality for chats and channels, improved image uploading, and a new Safe key setting.

Here’s the release notes for the iOS app update:

  • See more videos in your calls and meetings. 2×4 on iPhone, 3×3 on iPad
  • New setting to reduce the amount of data Teams uses while video is on
  • Choose which number to dial for org contacts with more than one phone number
  • Single sign-on access for bots and tools in Teams that use your org credentials
  • Daily agenda view of upcoming meetings. Join, edit, or share them with contacts

And here’s the release notes for the Android app update:

  • Free meetings are here! Send meeting invites via a link. People don’t need a Teams account to attend
  • Search inside chats and channels
  • Upload an image directly to your gallery
  • Manage your Safe key or let Microsoft manage it for you. Change anytime in Settings

Do you use the Android or iOS version of Microsoft Teams? Maybe the Windows 10 app? Let us know your preferences in the comments below and then follow us on Twitter for more Microsoft Teams updates.

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