Microsoft talks Windows 10 development in Kajaani, Finland, hinting at PC-to-Xbox streaming

Vu Anh Nguyen

Microsoft Finland’s Xbox Gaming Lead Jussi Luoto hinted at the possibility of PC-to-Xbox streaming in the future after a keynote at Northern Game Summit in Kajaani, Finland last Thursday (1/10).
The information was revealed during the Q&A session of the talk, which was about growing the Xbox One business in Finland. When asked by a student from the audience about the possibility of streaming PC games to the Xbox One, Jussi replied that the capability is currently “in the works,” since the logic is rather “obvious.” With Xbox-to-PC streaming baked into Windows 10, and the fact the the OS will be going universal across all of Microsoft’s devices going forward, streaming PC games to Xbox seem like a natural next step, and it is good to know that Microsoft is already looking into it. Whether this will become reality, as well as its effect on the Xbox ecosystem, remain to be seen.

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Northern Game Summit, or NGS for short,  is an annual 2-day conference in Kajaani, Finland, with the main goal to encourage networking between students and veterans of game development. Microsoft hosted the keynote for this year’s event, along with another talk on developing games for Windows 10 as a Universal Windows App (UWP).