Microsoft talks about Xbox One digital sharing and unveils new Home Gold features -
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Microsoft talks about Xbox One digital sharing and unveils new Home Gold features

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The original Xbox One plan was amazing. It was designed around the future, however it seems many were not ready for the future and complained vigorously about disc sharing, online requirements and DRM, so Microsoft backtracked and removed most of those features. But today, Microsoft talked about how they are planning to bring back some of that functionality with Home Gold.

Home Gold allows Gold members on Xbox One to extend their Gold features to other members on that particular Xbox One console. For example, you have an Xbox One with your own account and you invite a friend over to play. He can login to his account and play online with you, even if he doesn't have a Gold subscription.

More so, this feature works on other Xbox One consoles as well. So if you go to a friends house and download your account onto his Xbox One console, his Xbox LIVE account will be able to access LIVE features whilst you are signed in. Pretty neat. This means an Xbox LIVE Gold membership can be shared across the accounts on the console you are signed into.

Microsoft also talked about sharing digital games. Originally the Xbox One would allow you to share your digital games but that feature was removed recently. However today Microsoft has talked about how they are allowing family to access your games that you purchased at no cost. If you download a digital game on your Xbox One, every other account on that console can also play your game.

This also works when you are signed into someone else's console. Just sign into your account on your friends console and you will have access to your games.

Xbox One is set to launch in November this year for $499, make sure you pre-order yours before then!

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