Microsoft talks about the Windows 8 RTM milestone and its relationship to Metro apps

In a new official Microsoft blog post, Microsoft discusses the next major milestone for Windows 8, release to manufacturing (RTM) and how it impacts the development and availability of Metro style apps. Microsoft expects the final versions of all Metro style apps to be available when Windows 8 becomes generally available.

“When Developers get the RTM version, they will continue enhancing the features, capabilities and performance of their apps. Some of the apps you’ve already seen will look and perform differently when you download the final released version. There are also many more apps in development that haven’t been released to the Store yet. Many of those developers are waiting for RTM to put the finishing touches on their apps,” Microsoft explains.

According to Microsoft, the release of Windows 8 will be a great milestone for app developers and it will only be the beginning. When the code reaches RTM, the platform is complete for general availability and there will not be any interim updates for developers. Head over to the source link for a comparison of what has changed so far since the Consumer Preview.

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