Microsoft talks about the new App Screen in Windows 8

In a recent Building Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft talks about several upcoming changes to the Windows 8 user experience, based on initial feedback from the Developer Preview. In the post, Microsoft details the new Apps Screen, start screen customization, and a replacement for the Windows 7 jump list.

Microsoft talks about the new App Screen in Windows 8 - - October 13, 2011

Microsoft talks about the new App Screen in Windows 8 - - October 13, 2011

Condensed App Screen makes room for more apps

Microsoft made it known in its Building Windows 8 blog that the app screen is the official replacement to the "All Programs" menu option in previous versions of Windows. In fact, the new design removes the traditional sorting of apps in alphabetical order and instead organizes each application by hierarchy organized by a program group. Each of a user's applications will be grouped by software suite, for example, Microsoft Office. Since the Developer Preview, Microsoft has also condensed the app screen to make more room for apps. As Microsoft states, this is to improve "the scannability of your system, giving you confidence about what is on it at any given time."

Jump Lists replaced in favor of Secondary Tiles

Anyone use Jump Lists in Windows 7? Pretty cool feature, right? Well, Microsoft is looking to replace the jump lists for something they call, "secondary tiles." These tiles are very simple and are intended to be a "quick launch" sort of icon to a specific part of an app. For example, a secondary tile that takes you to a playlist in Windows Media Player.

Microsoft also plans on allowing users to create, name, and rearrange groups in the App Screen, as well as unpin and re-size tiles.

So what is Microsoft's intent with the new App Screen? "We are striving to help you gain efficiency with the new Start screen," Microsoft states. What do you think? Does this new App Screen allow you to be more efficient in finding your applications?

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