Microsoft talks about improvements to the Windows Explorer in the Windows 8 beta

Today, in a new Building Windows 8 blogpost, Microsoft revealed changes and improvements to the Windows Explorer in Windows 8, and how they have learned from the feedback they gained from the Windows Developer Preview.

When the Windows Developer Preview was released back in September of last year, Windows 8 received a lot of critisism about the new Windows Explorer, many complained about how the Ribbon is inconvienient and takes up to much space. The company have been listening to all your problems and decided to fix them.

Firstly, the company spoke about “selecting the right file when file name collisions are encountered during a copy or move.” The beta will include more detail to the conflict resolution window, you can now skip files with the same name with a tick of a box, filter out size and time. This feature works seamlessly “locally and across networks, and on all types of systems and storage.”

The Windows Explorer will now auto rotate pictures to the correct orientation when being previewed within the Explorer.

Windows 7 Explorer

Windows 8 Explorer

You can now pin files and data to the Start Menu from the Ribbon in Windows 8, bu accessing the Easy access menu and selecting Pin to Start.

The Explorer now includes an option to “Open Windows PowerShell”, which was not available in the Windows Developer Preview.

The Ribbon UI is now minimized by default, which wasnt possible in the Windows Developer Preview. The blog post states that the company have been working to minimize distractions in the Explorer, Task Manager and Metro style experiences.

The Windows Explorer will now also automatically show visible hotkeys in the tooltops of revelent buttons.

The settings you change to the Explorer of Windows 8, will now roam across PC’s with the correct Windows LIVE ID. You can access these settings from a new tab called “Sync your settings”

Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 8, with a public beta coming this February, all eyes are on Microsoft, and their progress on making Windows 8 useable for both Tablet and Desktop.

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