Microsoft to "talk code" at upcoming Connect 2015 developer event

Staff Writer

With Visual Studio 15, Microsoft has created a one-stop-shop for developers wishing to code for multiple platforms. Visual Studio is an IDE (integrated development environment) that allows users to program in languages such as C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, etc. Most importantly, however, Visual Studio allows developers to create new Universal Apps for Windows 10. With such an extensive feature set, Microsoft is continuously attempting to educate developers on how to utilize these tools for Windows apps. With that, Microsoft is set deliver yet another training experience for developers.
As we stated back in September, Microsoft is set to deliver new educational tools for schools. Among these tools are several programs such as Microsoft YouthSpark, Creative Coding through Games and Apps, and Microsoft’s Virtual Academy, all of which are tools to aid developers in learning to coding. In similar fashion Microsoft is set to host an event called “Connect (); // 2015” from November 18th to the 19th specifically for Visual Studio. This event will include over 30 on-demand sessions for cross platform development.

This year’s event will demonstrate the tremendous progress we’ve made on the journey toward a new Microsoft for developers that began last year with the announcements of a cross-platform .NET for Linux and OSX available as open source and the new Visual Studio Community edition for targeting nearly every major device and OS, available for free.
Connect(); will feature a marquee lineup of speakers joining Scott Guthrie to talk code, including; Brian Harry, Scott Hanselman, Amanda Silver, Anders Hejlsberg and Beth Massi alongside many of the customers, partners and industry luminaries who are leading the shift toward mobile first, cloud first computing scenarios.

In preparation for this event and others offered by Microsoft, Visual Studio is available as a free download for those looking to learn how to code. For more information about the November 18th and 19th event, click here. If you are already a programmer, will you be attending these virtual events? Let us know in the comments blow.