Microsoft to talk about Windows 8 App Store on December 6

Mary-Jo Foley, writer at ZDNET has reported that Microsoft will be holding an event on December 6th 2011, which will focus on the Metro Applications Store within Windows 8. The even should discuss and clear the air of all the things people have been wondering about the store.

ZDNet writer Mary-Jo Foley has posted a blog post stating that Microsoft are planning to hold an event on December 6th 2011, in which the company will talk about the App Store within Windows 8.

Microsoft is also expected to release a new Xbox 360 update on December 6th, coincidently on the same day as the event. Not much information have been given on what Microsoft is planning to do with the store, apart from the fact that is will be the ‘only’ way to download metro applications.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s first computer operating system to have an App Store, Mac OS and Linux Ubuntu have both had App Stores for a fair amount of time now. Are Microsoft to impress with its plans for the app store?

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