Is Microsoft taking a big gamble with Windows 8? Gartner thinks so

According to a new report, Gartner analysts believe that Microsoft is taking a big gamble with Windows 8, the company’s upcoming operating system that is scheduled for release October 26th. However, is Windows 8 necessary for Microsoft to stay current in a modern world?

Yet another story about how Microsoft is taking a huge risk with Windows 8. This time, the guys over at Gartner believe that Microsoft is taking a big gamble with Windows 8 but it is necessary to stay relevant in a modern world. On top of that, Gartner believes that there are two completely seperate user interfaces of the operating system, one for tablets and one for desktops. IT administrators could reject Windows 8 for desktops due to it being so similar to Windows 7. “[Windows 8] is a big step for any Windows user. But it’s probably a bigger step than most XP users want to take,” Gartner analyst Steve Kleynhans was quoted saying. According to this analyst, IT admins should continue the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7. A poll conducted back in May of this year found out that 60% of businesses said they would wrap up by the end of next year with the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7, rather than add Windows 8 to the mix. “Operating systems don’t mature the day they’re released. They take at least a year to mature. It’s not an option to skip Windows 7 and go to Windows 8 if you still have Windows XP in your environment,” Kleynhans added. He also believes that there are enough issues with Windows 8 that there will be significant upgrade fatigue. In fact, Windows 8 will get no more than 25% of the corporate user base before it is replaced by Windows 9. Either way, Windows 8 is nearly among us, so only time will tell if Gartner’s points are valid.

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