Microsoft takes the wraps off new Xbox One video advertisements

Microsoft takes the wraps off a new Xbox One video ad

The Xbox One has found a firm footing in the retail market and, despite disputed sales numbers versus rival Playstation 4, this is a long game. And Microsoft has no shortage of advertising money to throw at this.

With that in mind, the company today released a brand new video ad titled “Said it Best”. The ad covers a lot, from soccer to movies. It incorporates much of the functionality built into the console right out of the box. There is voice control that allows the user to seamlessly slide from one function to another without lifting a finger. But, the ad also highlights recent comments being made by various outlets about the device.

It’s a mere 33 seconds in length, so there’s a lot to take in during a rather short period. However, it gets the point across quite well. Expect to see it coming up during your next TV show – or, you could just watch it below.

In the second video, which is 47 seconds in length, Microsoft showcases how real and immersive games can be with the Xbox One. “If it were any more real, it would be real,” touts Microsoft. Check out that video embedded below also.

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