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Microsoft takes hold of Nokia.com’s mobile devices page, at least in the UK

Microsoft takes hold of Nokia.com's mobile devices page, at least in the UK

As we all know, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices division, which was completed earlier this year. The software giant can use the Nokia and Lumia brands for the next few years, but the company is slowly making the transition to make sure it doesn’t have to.

Just recently, the company redesigned its mobile devices website, and now, it has moved the Nokia UK’s devices page to its own website. It seems Microsoft is moving the country sites in phases, so more regional pages for Nokia.com’s devices page could soon redirect to the new Microsoft Mobile website.

Now, whenever you will visit Nokia.com’s mobile devices page, you’ll be redirected to the Microsoft.com website, showing you all the guides and information regarding the Windows Phone devices. 

Although Nokia is disappearing from the mobile devices market, it doesn’t mean the company is gone forever. It’s still pretty much alive, working on mapping, network solutions and other ventures.

We’ll keep an eye on the Nokia website, and update you as Microsoft moves other regional pages.

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