Microsoft: Switching from Office 365 to Google Docs isn’t worth the gamble

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta May 11th, 2013 inNews

Microsoft vs Google

In an official blog post, Microsoft has put up a new video showcasing how Google Apps is like taking a gamble. Microsoft touts Google Apps as a platform that compromises an organization’s security and privacy.

As Microsoft points out, people often entrust important information in their documents and having Google Apps rather than Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud platform is like taking a gamble. Microsoft points out that transitioning files from Office to Google Docs results in a loss of text boxes, columns, graphics, image placement, watermarks, charts, text, spacing, and other compatibility issues.

Microsoft even slams Google QuickOffice, stating that it “does not convert Office files well due to its extremely limited feature set.” Microsoft points out that you cant even accurately view the document you open up via Google Docs. Microsoft pokes fun at Google Docs in a new video, which you can see below.

Just recently, the city of Boston, Massachusetts, as well as other organizations, have dropped Microsoft’s Exchange platform for Google Apps. More than 20,000 city employees including the Major will be shifted over to Google Apps. According to Microsoft, Google cant compare to Microsoft when it comes to Exchange. In fact, Google “lacks the proper protections most organizations require.”

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