Microsoft SwiftKey gains support for haptic feedback in latest iOS app update

Brad Stephenson

SwiftKey keyboard on Android

The iOS version of Microsoft SwiftKey updated to Version 2.7.4 today. This latest update added support for haptic feedback when used on Apple’s iPhones and iPads which should come as a nice surprise to those that enjoy this added functionality. Users are able to disable it, however, if they don’t like their device giving them the feels.

Also added with this update is the ability to view the currency symbol of the country associated with the SIM card in the iOS device.

Here’s the full release notes:

We’ve added haptic feedback to your SwiftKey Keyboard. You can now choose to have haptic feedback on or off when typing. Try it out now: Settings > Key haptic feedback.

You are now able to find the currency symbol of your SIM card country on your SwiftKey Keyboard (if it’s different to your current locale).

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‎Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard
‎Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard