Microsoft survey reveals an Alan Wake return to Xbox One

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Microsoft survey reveals an Alan Wake return to Xbox One

Alan Wake, the quirky 2010 title from Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft Game Studios, was critically acclaimed and named as one of  Time Magazine’s top ten games of the year, but never really took off. Other than an Xbox Live Arcade sequel titled Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and a move to PC gaming in 2012, the survival horror game that played as much as a thriller TV series as it did a video game just sort of disappeared silently into the night.

That’s apparently about to change, and Microsoft has been surveying Xbox One users on their interest in an “Alan Wake Remastered” title on Xbox One:

Alan Wake survey

The survey goes on to ask if users would be more likely to pre-order another title, Quantum Break, if it came with a “free copy of Alan Wake Xbox One Remastered Edition”.

Re-issues are becoming somewhat of a thing on Xbox One, with titles like the popular but somewhat star-crossed Halo: The Master Chief Collection and even a rumor of a Gears of War remaster.

Were you an Alan Wake fan?

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