Microsoft Surface watch supposedly found in the streets of New York

Microsoft Smart watch found in the streets of NewYork

“No buddy, this is just a random fitness wristband I ordered from China. Okay, I was kidding, this is the Microsoft Surface watch.” Andru Edwards over at Gearlive claims that several months ago, he stumbled upon this mystery New Yorker who was testing the gadget on the streets. Edwards asked if it was the Microsoft Surface watch, but the gentleman at first denied it. However, after a few nudges he admitted that it indeed was. 

Yes, Microsoft is looking to enter the wearable technology market. Also, there have been rumors that the smart watch is reportedly already being used by some Microsoft employees. But if you find someone (assuming a Microsoft employee) who admits that it’s a Microsoft Surface watch, why wait several months to post an exclusive story like this?

Let’s assume, it actually was the original thing. The specs mentioned included that the UI was similar to that of Windows and Windows Phone, with flat icons, and that it is packed with sensors. It is compatible with other operating systems like iOS and Android, OS X, and even the Xbox One gaming console. “It has a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, and most interestingly, a galvanic skin response sensor all built-in” Edwards said. “The galvanic skin response sensor is built into the watch band, while everything else is built into the unit itself.”

I’m not buying this. There are no pictures and the story was posted after several months. I guess I’ll have to buy a ticket to New York and roam the streets until I find that mystery New Yorker. 

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