Microsoft Surface Tablet coming soon to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft recently launched their Surface tablet in a mysterious event at Los Angeles. Now they have updated the online Microsoft Store and have included the new Surface Tablet. It is not yet available, but those interested now have a spot to keep an eye out for it.

Microsoft has added Surface tablet to the Store with a “coming soon” clause. It has been added to the first page with Learn More link. Clicking the Learn More link takes us to the Microsoft’s Surface page where a bigger image of the tablet has been posted along with a introductory video of the tablet. A lot of images of the tablet has been posted in the Gallery section along with a small description. The About page is awesome. It has some brilliant images of the tablet and a small description of what the tablet is capable of doing. Also a specs sheet has been provided which the user can download to know about the specs of the tablet. “Surface” is a very ambitious project for Microsoft as they want to give challenge to the iPad with it. The tablet will come in two variants. Windows RT Surface (costs less but no desktop apps) and Windows 8 Pro Surface (costs more but can run desktop apps).

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