Microsoft gives all Surface Studio buyers personalized customer support

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Surface Studio

With the first shipments of Microsoft’s new Surface Studio already on their way to customers, many people have begun to receive their shipment notification emails. What’s unusual about these emails is that they’re actually providing Surface Studio buyers with their own dedicated support phone number to help them through any setup problems or bugs that they encounter. Here’s a part of one that was originally posted on Thurrott:

Surface Studio Email
Image Credit: Thurrott

The Surface Studio is a completely new sort of device for Microsoft so it makes sense that they want all of the early adopters to have the best experience possible after buying one. Nothing would kill the hype for it more than a number of Day One bugs and an inability to get in touch with a customer support operative who knew about this kind of specialized hardware.

Are you impressed by this extra step given to Microsoft consumers? Would you like to see dedicated phone numbers for other products? Let us know in the comments below.