Microsoft Surface RT shows up at Verizon stores, but you can't buy it just yet

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It looks like Microsoft's Surface RT tablet has made its way onto Verizon stores, but unfortunately for those wishing to go buy one, it isn't on sale just yet. Verizon seems to be using the Surface RT tablet to showcase Microsoft's Windows RT operating system.

Microsoft surface rt shows up at verizon stores, but you can't buy it just yet - onmsft. Com - december 19, 2012

When asked when the Surface RT tablet would be available for purchase, both Verizon and Microsoft had nothing much to say. "We are delighted that Verizon have chosen Surface for use in their stores, however, we have nothing further to share at this time," Microsoft stated. Reports had indicated that Verizon would be one of the retailers to sell the Surface RT tablet, along with Best Buy and Staples. So for now, when you visit a Verizon store and see a Surface RT tablet in a display case, you can only look but you can't buy just yet!

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