Microsoft Surface RT now available at four new Chinese retailers

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Mar 21st, 2013 inNews

Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet has been available in China via two outlets but that is soon about to change. Rather than Microsoft’s online store and a store called Suning (which is similar to BestBuy in the United States), outlets such as PC Mall, One Zero, and 360buy will carry the Surface RT.

Back in October of 2012, Microsoft opened up an online Microsoft Store in China. The company also has a partnership with Suning but due to weak sales of the Surface RT, Microsoft has extended its distribution network to include PC Mall, Sundan, One Zero, and 360buy.

Suning isn’t keeping Microsoft happy according to reports. “The distributor simply hasn’t been pushing Surface hard enough: advertising is scarce, customer service tends to be sloppy, and even the sales representatives don’t seem to know a lot of Surface tablets,” the report stated. However, the Surface RT will still be sold at Suning.

Microsoft also recently announced a partnership with in China to launch yet another online store to promote the company’s Surface tablet line, Office productivity suite, Windows Phone platform, and more.

This expansion to more retail outlets is obviously great news for those in China who are hoping to get their hands on a Surface RT.

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