Microsoft Surface RT with black Touch Cover bundle sees $50 price drop


Just recently, we learned that Microsoft has dropped the price of the Surface Touch Cover to $79 effective August 30th at your local Microsoft store. On top of that, Microsoft has also dropped the price of the Surface RT and black Touch Cover bundle by $50.

"We can also now confirm that the Surface RT bundle, which includes both the Surface RT device and a black Touch Cover, will also reflect that price decrease. Currently, customers can buy the Surface RT with either 32GB or 64GB and a bundled black Touch Cover for $449 and $549, respectively," a report by WPCentral states.

This price drop is permanent and offers consumers a savings of $50 dollars. If you purchased both the Surface RT and Touch Cover separately, you would be paying $30 more.

Recently, we learned that after dropping the price of the Surface RT by $150, sales of the Microsoft's Surface RT have actually improved quite a bit since the price drop. Microsoft recently dropped the price on its Surface RT by $150. This meant the Surface RT 32GB would run for $349.99 while the Surface RT 64GB would run for $449.99.

Would you purchase a Surface RT now that the price has dropped quite a bit or are you waiting for the next-generation Surface devices to come out?

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