Microsoft Surface Pro to launch in China on April 2nd

Surface RT

It looks like those in China will finally have the ability to get Microsoft’s Surface Pro device in their hands! According to a new report, Microsoft plans on launching the Surface Pro on April 2nd in China.

The guys over at LiveSide spotted this revelation on Microsoft’s Weibo account, which claims the tablet device will be available for purchase starting April 2nd. This is obviously excellent news for those in China who have been eagerly anticipating the device’s release.

Microsoft launched the Surface RT in the US, Canada, China, and several other countries last October and eventually launched the Surface RT in Japan with a starting price of 49,800 Yen for the 32GB model ($518). No word yet on exactly how much the Surface Pro will run for in China, but expect it to be a big hit like it has been everywhere else.

This news come after Microsoft announced a partnership with in China to launch yet another online store to promote the company’s Surface tablet line, Office productivity suite, Windows Phone platform, and more.

Thus far, according to non-Microsoft sources, the software giant has sold over a million Surface RT devices and 400,000 Surface Pro devices since launch.

Surface Pro

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