Surface Power Cover will not charge your Surface device if it’s powered off

Surface Power Cover

Microsoft Surface Power Cover doesn’t only act as a keyboard, but also extends the battery life of the Surface tablet. Microsoft claims it can provide Surface users with 70 percent more battery time compared to the built-in battery. Did you come across a problem with your power cover not charging when the device itself is turned off? Well, if you are facing this problem and are thinking you need to get your power cover replaced, you should know that it’s not a faulty unit – the battery cover doesn’t charge when the Surface is turned off, as per Windows IT Pro.

The Power Cover documentation says that it will charge in all circumstances, but in reality, that’s not the case. It doesn’t. It will only charge when the Surface is on, or sleep, or in standby mode.

As far as the charging for both devices is concerned, it’s also a little tricky, and you should read the Surface Troubleshoot section on Microsoft’s website carefully. When your Power Cover is attached to your Surface, and you connect it to a power source, it will first charge the Surface tablet. Once the Surface’s internal battery is charged 80 percent, it will switch the charging and will focus on the Power Cover until it reaches 80 percent, and again hand over the charging current to the Surface tablet until it’s fully charged. Here are the pointers from Microsoft’s support site: 

  • If the Power Cover battery is over 80% charged and the Surface battery is less than 100% charged, check again later. The Power Cover won’t be charged above 80% until Surface is 100% charged.
  • If the Surface battery is less than 80% charged, check again later. The Power Cover won’t be charged until Surface is 80% charged.

I hope this helps. Have you faced this issue? Let us know using the comments below.

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