Microsoft Surface hits the big time, makes its way to South Park

Email Twitter: @denaxin Oct 21st, 2016 inNews

So, it’s Friday again and it’s time for some fun. A tipster going by the name of Marco C. sent us an email revealing that a Surface-like device may have replaced iPads in the animated adult series South Park.

It’s always fun to see South Park shamelessly putting products and logos of other companies in the series and once again, that happened. A device looking like a Microsoft Surface showed up in Season 20, Episode 5 of South Park at the 17:20-timemark.

We, unfortunately, cannot link to a free site to watch the episode itself, but if you own a Hulu or Amazon Prime subscription then the show is available on these platforms.

Up until now, only iPads were to be found as the tablets in the South Park universe, but this looks to be changing. The Surface line has got a lot of mainstream attention the last two years and it seems to be taking over the position of “the definition of a tablet” in the eyes of content creators and even regular consumers.

We hope to see more of these appearances in the future and we will sure report on them, too. So stay tuned!

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