Microsoft Surface Go with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD now available in the US

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Microsoft is flipping its low cost switch on again and turning the Surface Go into the entry level device it was arguably designed to be, in every sense of the phrase. A new model of the Surface Go is being sold on the Microsoft Store’s website for the low price of $499.

While there had previously been a $399 Surface Go offering that offered 4Gb of RAM and 64GB of storage, the new $499 configurations comes with the standard 4GB of RAM but an expanded storage option of 128GB SSD.

The new $499 Surface Go may not be the cheapest options being offered but it does round out the ‘entry level’ Surface ecosystem by nuzzling in itself in between the $399/4GB/64GB and the $599/8GB/128GB. Another benefit of the new $499 configuration is the speed boost that comes occurs when going from the $399 models eMMC storage solution to a much faster SSD.

With the hardware being relatively identical, loading RAM and storage seems to be a trivial expendeture for the Surface team as they had previously offered a similar $499/4GB/128GB model for sale through 3rd party distributor Costco in a bundle that include the Microsoft Type Cover.

Perhaps, sales data proved that the model was a hit and now Microsoft is seeing fit to offer more options to customers looking to join the Surface ecosystem as much barrier of entry than shelling out thousands for the Surface Pro, Laptop or Studio.

The new deal can be found online at the Microsoft Store website. Eligible students or military personnel can score an additional $24.95 off, bringing the total amount to $474.05 for the new model.

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