Microsoft Surface devices receive Siemens NX certification, earns the confidence of engineers

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Increasingly,  as Microsoft Surface hardware continues to fill niche use cases for a varying degree of clientele it also appears to legitimize the case for the adaptive and usefulness of the company's 2-in-1 hybrid devices.

Take for instance the Windows Blog showcased story of the Siemens NX team's who recently certified its software to work with Surface devices.

Today, we’re announcing Microsoft Surface devices, including the new Surface Studio and Surface Book with Performance Base, which are all certified to run Siemens NX software, one of the world’s most advanced product design software applications. This will give engineers the confidence in their ability to utilize Surface devices to help them design and create such innovative products.

The Siemens NX team joined us in New York City for our recent launch and I was fortunate enough to sit down with Joe Bohman, Vice President of Product Engineering Software for Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business, where he told me more about why he thinks Surface represents the future of devices for engineers like himself.

Microsoft surface and siemens nx
Microsoft surface and siemens nx

In a sort of Q&A style of presentation, the team behind Siemens NX software answer questions about how its updated tools will work with the Surface Studio, in specific, how NX will incorporate the Surface Dial, the unique use cases the new hardware creates and what certification means to Surface users.

The Siemens NX certification is granted only to devices that have passed our series of hundreds of tests, which weigh a device’s ability to deliver a highly satisfactory end-user experience. Our customers, including numerous major airplane and auto manufacturers, require and depend on this certification to tell them what devices will offer their team the best user experience. To do so, our team tests device capabilities like processor performance, graphics systems and more.

We’ve worked closely with Microsoft and feel confident in certifying both Surface Book and Surface Studio to run Siemens NX software. For us, the most important outcome of these certifications is that our customers have the confidence that Siemens and Microsoft are committed to them."

To read more about how Siemens NX software and the Microsoft Surface Studio work together, visit the Windows Blog here.

Let us know in the comments which niche your Surface devices has filled.

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