Microsoft sued over HoloLens patent infringement claims

Laurent Giret

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HoloTouch, a Connecticut-based company developing a widely patented interactive human-machine interface technology claims that Microsoft’s HoloLens technology infringes its patents (via Neowin). Earlier this month, the company filed its first patent infringement complaint in the Southern District of New York, believing that Microsoft was well aware that its head-mounted display was using its patented technology.

“That complaint alleges Microsoft’s HoloLens infringes issued patents for our touchless, holographic human-machine interface technology,” explained HoloTouch, Inc.’s President, R. Douglas McPheters. “That complaint also alleges Microsoft’s “star of the show” product infringes our patents, apparently willfully because Microsoft has known about our patented technology for many years. Many other companies and devices in a wide variety of industries appear to also be infringing our patents.”

Interestingly, the company claims that “many infringers have signed confidentiality agreements with our company and been provided with in-person demonstrations of our innovative and fully tested technology.” In the complaint, the company explains that the Redmond giant was aware of HoloTouch’s patents at least as early 2013, adding that Microsoft declined to license its technology after being contacted in November 2015 and January 2016.

“Our company will vigorously pursue its statutory remedies against all who take advantage of our innovative technology without the compensation provided by law, particularly in light of current fascination with touchless, holographic controls and operation of devices using them across commercial spectra,” added McPheters. Microsoft has yet to comment on the situation.