Microsoft Sudoku gets a major revamp for Windows 11 and 10 with latest app update

Brad Stephenson

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Microsoft Sudoku on Windows 11.

The free-to-play Microsoft Sudoku video game for Windows devices received a rather major app update today that added daily challenges, new game modes, themes, XP levelling, and a new aesthetic.

All of these features have been present on some of Microsoft’s other free casual Windows games, such Microsoft Solitaire Collection, for a while now so it was only a matter of time until they were added to Microsoft Sudoku.

Here’s the official list of new features:

  • Fresh NEW colors
  • Exciting Daily Challenges
  • NEW Irregular & Ice Breaker Modes
  • Choose a Theme with Numbers or Charms
  • Earn XP Mastering New Levels & Difficulty

Microsoft Sudoku, as its name suggests, is a video game version of the traditional sudoku puzzle game. The game supports cloud saves and progress can sync to both the iOS and Android versions when played online.

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Microsoft Sudoku
Microsoft Sudoku
Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Price: Free