Microsoft Studios releases a preview of Quantum Break’s soundtrack

Michael Cottuli

Quantum Break on Xbox One

Excited for Quantum Break? We are too. While you’re waiting for the game to finally release on April 5th, you can take a second to temper your excitement by listening to some of the amazing songs on the game’s soundtrack. While the entirety of Quantum Break’s OST won’t be shown off until the game hits store shelves, Microsoft Studios was kind enough to give us a collection of 9 tracks to whet your appetite for the next Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive blockbuster.

The sample of the soundtrack gives us a pretty varied taste of the sort of tones that are going to be portrayed in Quantum Break. It starts out with some soothing tunes featuring the sound of rainfall, but later tracks create some fairly dynamic songs that mix some electronic and synth beats with an almost industrial backbone. The OST may just be a taste of what’s to come, but if it really offers us a good sample of the final product, music fans are going to have a lot to look forward to as Quantum Break’s release date inches closer.