Microsoft Stream, its “YouTube for Business” has big plans for 2018

Arif Bacchus

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Ever since it launched as a free preview about a year and a half ago, Microsoft has positioned Microsoft Stream as their newest business-oriented video sharing service. The service gives businesses the ability to share internal videos with the same flexibility of YouTube but with added benefits of Azure Active Directory. Though it recently came out of preview as the successor to Office 365 video, ZDNet has learned that Microsoft has big plans for Stream in 2018.

In the latest battle between the two tech giants, the Redmond giant is apparently thinking of promoting Stream due to Amazon’s own plans for a video streaming service and YouTube competitor. Microsoft is supposedly going to position Stream as a way of making meetings and conferences more productive. In fact, Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s CMO, told ZDNet that Stream is “Microsoft’s hidden gem,” since it comes with auto-captioning options and the ability to search videos for names.

Microsoft Stream is included in most Office 365 subscriptions, and interested users can sign up for a free trial today if they don’t have an Office 365 plan. Stream is also available in 181 markets and 44 languages and has deep integrations across Office 365.