Microsoft Store on Windows 11 Updated With UI Improvements
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Microsoft Store on Windows 11 gets updated with user interface improvements

If you're beta testing Windows 11, you might want to check the Microsoft Store for updates. Microsoft's Rudy Huyn, who is the one behind the new store experience, recently tweeted out that the store has gotten an update, with a focus on the user interface, and some extra surprises.

Coming in at version 22107.1401.6.0, we're not really noticing any big changes on our end. However, Huyn says that there's a big focus on the app install user interface, ratings and reviews, and media PDPs. There are also some changed to the library, too, though we're not seeing anything at the moment. We only noticed the new app review page which now pops up on top of the app listing.

The Microsoft Store on Windows 11 should update by itself once you search for app updates via the Library section. So far, we're a big fan of the redesign but hope that Microsoft can start testing Android apps via the Amazon App Store in Windows 11 soon.

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