Build 2022: The Microsoft Store on Windows 11 is getting a useful Restore Apps feature

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The focus of Microsoft Build 2022 is usually developers, but from time to time we also spot some consumer features coming soon to Windows. One of those is a Restore Apps feature for Windows 11, which Microsoft talked about in a breakout blog post following a session on the Microsoft Store at the annual developer event (via Windows Central.)

This new feature was detailed as part of Microsoft’s discoverability opportunities for Windows. Coming soon to Windows Insiders, Microsoft hopes that the feature can help developers retain their customers without having to remind customers to re-download their app. Yet, for consumers who move between different devices, this feature makes life easier when setting up new PCs. Based on the graphic, it looks like you can just click on the option to restore apps right in the My Library” section of the Microsoft Store.

This builds on other features coming to the store soon for Microsoft’s developers, including apps being indexed in the Windows Search tool, a pop-up store experience, and ways for developers to promote their apps in the store with Store ads.

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