Microsoft Store taking pre-orders for unlocked Surface 3 LTE tablets

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Rumors about the Surface Pro 4 have been picking up steam lately as news leaks about a Microsoft hardware event scheduled for later this year. Not a lot is known about the device, and some argue that the changes could be minimal. With that in mind, it may be better for those on the fence about a Surface purchase to go with a known quantity.
Recently the Microsoft Store online began taking pre-orders for unlocked versions of the Surface 3 LTE. The pre-orders cover both unlocked Surface 3 LTE with 64GB/2GB RAM and Surface 3 LTE with 128GB/4GB RAM. Potential Surface 3 LTE owners can snag the devices for $599 and $699 respectively. Devices with supported SIM cards can hop onto T-Mobile and AT&T LTE networks in the U.S.
Once pre-ordered, owners can expect shipments to start rolling out September 10 in Canada and September 19 in the U.S. The Surface 3 LTE will begin official sales in Germany, the UK and France on October 2. Unfortunately, for other interested countries, there is no news on further rollouts for the LTE versions of the Surface 3.

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