Microsoft Store to ship 256GB and 512GB Surface Pro 2 orders on December 12th


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Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Microsoft recently stated that the Surface 2 was selling like “hotcakes” and that the 64GB Surface 2 along with the 256GB and 512GB ​Surface Pro 2 were close to selling out. Looks like Microsoft was right on the money. At the online Microsoft Store, the 256GB and 512GB Surface Pro 2 orders will not be shipping until December 12th.

Both the 32GB and 64GB Surface 2 devices are still slated to ship October 25th, however, things get a bit mixed up with the Surface Pro 2. The 64GB Surface Pro 2 ships on October 21st, while the 128GB model ships on the 25th. The 256GB and 512GB both ship on December 15th. 

The purple Type Cover 2 is the only option available right now, as other colors are listed as ‘coming soon.’ The Touch Cover 2, which only comes in Black for now, is still available for order and ships October 29th.

While it’s not an accurate measure, these ship dates can give you an idea as to which devices have sold out and are waiting to be replenished. If you want to order your new Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 device from the online Microsoft Store, you might want to hurry.