Microsoft Store on Windows 10 gains new "Devices" tab dedicated to Windows PCs and hardware

As Microsoft continues to converge its various store offerings into the Microsoft Store across Windows 10, online, and physical stores, the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10 has picked up a new update that adds a whole new tab (via Windows Central).

The new tab, named "Devices", is a place for users to go if they're on the look out for new Windows-based PCs and hardware. Upon visiting the new section, you are presented with a range of choices, such as Surface devices, gaming PCs, Xbox, accessories, and more.

Microsoft Store - Devices - Windows 10

This new area of the Microsoft Store makes it even easier for people on Windows 10 to pick up new devices, as well as see what's coming up, with the option to pre-order some items.

Have you seen the new Devices tab in the Microsoft Store?

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