Microsoft Store offers up some deals on a few of the best gaming PCs around

Michael Cottuli

PC Gaming Rig

Visuals in gaming keep on getting better and better, but that inevitably means that your PC is going to have to step up to stay relevant. It can be hard for some people to go hunting for parts to put together their own gaming computer, and a lot of times retailers will take advantage of that by making premade computers extremely expensive. In order to help coAliensumers get the most bang for their buck as they gear up for the next big string of AAA games, Microsoft has compiled some of the best deals out there on gaming PCs.

The laptops and desktops here range from Lenovo to Razer, with some Alienware thrown in for good measure. All of them will give you some pretty good deals all things considered – there’s really no bad option out of everything on that list. You can save a decent chunk of money on just about all of these laptops and desktops, although some options are going to be better than others – maybe ask the opinion of a savvy PC gamer before you drop any money on these.

Here are a few of the better picks:

If you’re willing to drop a heavy amount of cash in the interest of future-proofing your gaming computer, the Alienware 15 laptop is the most heavily discounted out of all of them, saving you $500 dollars by going at $1,999 instead of its usual $2,499 price point. That gets you an i7 processor, a GTX 970 NVIDIA graphics card, 16GB of memory, 1TB storage space and 256GB SSD for you to use for Operating System space (this significantly speeds up your computer.)

Take a look over all of the options and see what’s going to be best for you. All of these options are going to be able to handle a lot of what a PC gamer is going to need to do, but it’s up to you to decide what your needs are. If you just want to play League of Legends, go ahead and pick up one of the cheaper models and you’ll be fine.