Microsoft Store to offer a Surface Pro 2.0 trade-in program? Yes!

Surface Pro

While there is no official confirmation from Microsoft just yet, since the Surface 2.0 has yet to be announced, it appears that the Microsoft Store will offer a Surface Pro 2.0 trade-in via the Recycle for Rewards program. This program will allow you to trade-in your Surface Pro for a Surface Pro 2.0, and all you have to do is pay the difference. 

“I called an actual Microsoft Store, and they said they will probably know more information once the event is over. But they said that–for sure–I will not be able to exchange my Surface Pro for a Surface Pro 2 even if the Surface Pro 2 is launched. They did say, however, that they will–for sure–have a trade-in program where I can pay the difference,” a user on Reddit stated.

This program makes complete sense to us. No word on if this program is limited to certain stores or if all Microsoft Stores will offer this incentive once the Surface 2.0 line of devices are launched.

Microsoft just recently began offering a minimum of $200 for traded-in iPads in an attempt to woo consumers into purchasing a Surface RT or Surface Pro. We’ve reached out to Microsoft for an official statement on the matter, and we will update you accordingly.

Update 09/16/13 1054hrs: Microsoft has responded to us and offered not to comment on rumors or speculation, as standard practice, when it comes to unannounced products. However, we were told that Microsoft Stores do have an on-going Recycle for Rewards program. 

This program allows customers to trade-in their devices for a gift card for the value of their eligible trade-in to use on any product in the store. This means you can trade in your Surface Pro for a gift card, only to use that gift card on a new Surface 2.0 device!

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