Microsoft Store France now accepting Elite X3 pre-orders at 899,00 €

Laurent Giret


The HP Elite x3 is now available to pre-order on the French Microsoft Store with an August 22nd shipping date (via TheWINdose). The premium handset is priced at €899, but it’s not clear if the HP Desk dock is also included. The accessory seems like it is included according to the title on the store listing, but a small asterisk in the product’s description explains that the Desk Dock is actually sold separately.

With that being stated, the standalone dock is not available to purchase on the French Microsoft Store as of today.

The HP Elite x3 on the French Microsoft Store.
The HP Elite x3 on the French Microsoft Store.

The UK Microsoft Store is already taking pre-orders for the handset which is sold as a £706.80 Business Pack including the device’s Desk Dock. Overall, the HP Elite x3 is expected to be available in 47 countries across Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific regions, and US customers will be able to start buying it on September 5.